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Hey guys! I thought it would be cool to give you an update on my morning routine. Complete with photos! You can read my previous-written ...

Hey guys! I thought it would be cool to give you an update on my morning routine. Complete with photos!

You can read my previous-written morning-routine articles right here: 
#1#2#3 (unfortunately they're all written in Dutch)

On a regular school day (on which school starts 08:15 AM) my alarm goes off at 06:00 o' clock in the morning. Yes, way too early to function normally, but somehow I have managed to get up every single day so far. 

I made these pictures on a Thursday, when my first class always starts at 11:30 AM. And so, I got up at 09:00 AM. Sometimes I get dressed right after I get out of bed, but on mornings like this, when I don't have to rush so much, I rather have breakfast before getting dressed. And so I went downstairs to eat something. 

For breakfast I usually make myself a cup of tea and eat one or two sandwiches. I also have to take my meds in the morning. So interesting (not). In case you were wondering, there's something wrong with my intestines. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. When I'm having breakfast alone, I like to watch Modern Family on Netflix. Probably the funniest series ever. I really recommend it! 

After breakfast I go back up again and brush my teeth and wash my face. The two things everyone does in the morning, right? 

And then it's time for make-up! My favorite part of the morning. For the matter of writing an actual interesting-to-read morning routine article, I decided to take photos of all the products I use when I do my make-up (which by the way all look super gross on picture for some stupid reason). 

I start off with this concealer from HEMA, which I only use on my eyelids as a sort of eyeshadow base, since this shade is too dark for my skin anyways. 

Then it's time for the eyeshadow itself. I use the beige/pink shade on my whole eyelid, with a touch of the white eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes. I use the matt brown in the crease and sometimes I line my eyes with the shimmery brown on the left.

I use the white eyeshadow as a highlighter right under my eyebrows (the brow bone?) Sorry for the ridiculously dirty looking package by the way. 

When I don't have to go to school early - and don't have to rush - I like to take some more time to draw a winged liner on my eye. I love a winged eyeliner so much. It almost makes me feel more like myself. 

Since last school year I do my brows every day. I'm so happy I saw the light, hahaha. When I look back at pictures taken before I used to do my eyebrows, I'm always a little horrified. Done eyebrows can do so much for your face, it's insane! Anyway, for my eyebrows I use this eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow gel. Both from Catrice. 

Mascara. I use this Clinique sample, which is literally the. best. mascara in the world. It lengthens my lashes and thickens them, but separates them beautifully. On top of this mascara I use this bright pink mascara from Rimmel London. 

Then some blush. I use this 'old pink' looking blush by... Etos, some Dutch drugstore brand. I've had this blush for ages (which is obvious, because as you can see, I hit the pan!). 

Then it's about 15 to 20 minutes later. I run a brush through my hair, get dressed if not already done, put on my necklace, pearl earrings and watch (and sometimes more jewellery), put on some deodorant and one of my perfumes (Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Salvador Dali Classic are my favorites. Read about them in this article). I take my school bag (which is packed the night before) and shoes and walk downstairs. In the kitchen I pack some food for the day and put on my shoes. I get in my jacket and say good bye to my parents. Usually it takes me between one hour and a hour and a half to get fully ready. I take the train and go to school. Ready for a new day! :) 

A part of the outfit I wore on Thursday.

I hope you liked reading about my morning routine. The only thing I'd like to improve about my morning routine is my time management. I could do a lot of things wayyy quicker if I wanted to. But honestly? It's just way more relaxing to do everything slowww in the morning, I think. What about you? 

Q: what time do you get up in the morning? 

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