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Since about a year I am totally obsessed by this particular way of building up your wardrobe: the 'capsule wardrobe technique'. It m...

Since about a year I am totally obsessed by this particular way of building up your wardrobe: the 'capsule wardrobe technique'. It means you are basically building up a wardrobe only consisting out of really versatile pieces you LOVE to wear. The practical thing about this technique is the fact that all pieces should be able to go well together. That way you'll never have a day anymore on which you don't know what to wear. Which is, obviously, my ultimate goal (and what girl would actually disagree with me?). I'd like to dedicate this article to the capsule wardrobe technique, my plan to actually get this desirable wardrobe and I will tell you what I think are the ultimate wardrobe essentials. Keep on reading if you are interested!

How many times in your life have you bought something that you eventually didn't wear as much as you thought you would wear it, simply because you don't like it so much as you thought you would? Or because you can't succeed to combine it well with the rest of your clothing? Basically it's wasted money and this happened to me too many times. That's why I am such a fan of this capsule wardrobe technique.

The idea behind this technique
As I said before, the idea behind this technique is that you only purchase the basics in the beginning, such as short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts, a good pair of indigo jeans and a good pair of black skinny jeans, a simple cardigan, a leather jacket, a denim jacket... Basically all the basic must haves. Also the thing is to go for quality instead of quantity. Make sure all your basics are and timeless and good quality (that way they last longer).

It's also very practical to choose a sort of 'wardrobe theme' for yourself. That way you won't have a bunch of different clothing styles hanging in your wardrobe, making it harder for you to combine the individual clothing pieces together. The capsule wardrobe technique is all about minimalism. I myself get a little crazy sometimes because I own so much clothing I don't wear much or don't even like that much. This technique is so perfect for me. Now it's only a matter of starting this project, I guess!

Starting the project
But actually applying this capsule wardrobe technique to your wardrobe can take long. Since you want to purchase basic items that are a good quality, you might not have enough budget to buy all the basics at once. It could take some patience maybe to finally own the 'perfect' basic wardrobe, but to me it's totally worth it.

This is a perfect example of a capsule wardrobe. (source)

And now the question is: what basics do you need? In my opinion this is something about personal taste, so answers can differ. You might consider a denim jacket as a total must have basic item, while I consider a black pencil skirt more as a must have basic item. Although I think some basics are essential in everyone's wardrobe, no matter your personal taste, such as basic tops, a good pair of jeans, some good pair of tights and - of course - a little black dress.

Because this is, after all, my personal blog, I'd like to share my 'must have basic items-list' with you. It might come in handy for you too!

☑ A pair of black skinny jeans (I actually own two pairs)
☑ A pair of indigo skinny jeans
☑ A pair of high waisted black jeans (does a pair of fake leather pants count too?)
☑ A pair of high waisted denim jeans
☐ A black bodycon skirt
☑ Basic, colored short sleeve tops (I own a white, grey, mint and light pink top)
☑ A top with a v-neck )
☐ A little black dress
☑ Two to three flattering (f.e. floral) dresses (although I want mooore (this is so against the whole minimalism point...) (so far I own one perrrfect floral dress) 
☐ A black skater skirt
☑ More than enough black tights
☑ A denim jacket
☑ A leather jacket
☑ A black cardigan
☐ A grey, long cardigan
☑ A black blazer
☑ A long dress
☐ A white blouse
☑ Around three neutral colored sweaters (I own two so far) 
☑ White pair of shorts
☐ Denim pair of shorts
☐ A pair of black shorts

(I excluded shoes, accessories and jewellery, which is 'allowed' in this project btw, haha)

I believe this is it. I have checked all the items I already own, so I can see what items I still need to purchase. When it comes to the denim and leather jacket: I already own those too, but I am not satisfied with the look and feel of them, so I'd like to re-purchase those two items. Also I am not so satisfied with a few of the sweaters I own. I do wear them, but it's not that I LOVE to wear them.

But what about my 'old' clothes?
It's not like you are supposed to throw all your 'old' (the items that aren't basic) clothes away. If you really love an item, you can keep it and combine it with all the basics you own. But, keep in my mind this project is also about minimalism. I can imagine it somehow feels incredibly good to own less clothing, but always have something to wear, just because you own the clothing that suits you perfectly and works flattering for you.

The whole point of this thing - especially for myself, since I am such an impulsive buyer - is to stop buying clothes... (take a guess) impulsively. But it's not that your whole wardrobe is supposed to be filled with only basic (boring?) items. Another rule is that you may buy a certain number of trendy/seasonal clothing pieces every season, so you're wardrobe stays up to date and fashionable.

Oh, this seems the perfect system/technique for me and I cannot wait to get started with this. I'll start this weekend by sorting out my closet and throwing away the items I don't love so much. I feel so excited already!

So, what do you think about this capsule wardrobe technique? Would you do this? Let me know in the comments! 

Note: I am a 99,99% sure I made tons of grammar mistakes in this article and I am sorry for that. For some reason I am thinking about switching back to blogging in Dutch, but I don't like to give up on blogging in English, since I also really like it. What do you think? Please let me know!

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  1. Ik vind je Engels nog steeds heel prettig lezen, maar het maakt mij niet écht heel veel uit waar je in schrijft. Wat betreft het concept: ik geloof hier ook steeds meer in! Vroeger kocht ik gewoon elk jaar opnieuw heel veel shirtjes, maar die 'prints' word je vanzelf zat na tien keer dragen en bovendien is de kwaliteit vaak niet zo goed. Nu merk ik dat ik sommige effen topjes die gewoon mooi vallen héél vaak draag en dan ook gewoon vaak in verschillende combinaties. Bovendien voel ik me er veel fijner in, heel chill! Het punt is alleen dat ik dan wel vaak wat simpelere outfits draag, maar eigenlijk vind ik dat ook wel prettig, zeker als je wel een paar items met een leuke print hebt. Ik krijg nu gelijk zin om te shoppen, haha!

  2. Don't give up with English I need to be able to read what you share