The capsule wardrobe technique - Part two

In my previous article I wrote about the 'capsule wardrobe technique' and I showed you my 'must have basic items-list'. In t...

In my previous article I wrote about the 'capsule wardrobe technique' and I showed you my 'must have basic items-list'. In this article I'd like to show you what my 'perfect capsule wardrobe' would look like. I will also tell you what basics I already own. Keep reading if you are interested!

All the items I will show you are overall dark colored and maybe more meant to be worn during the fall and winter time, but I did my best to choose items that wearable in all seasons. Also, I didn't include accessoires, jewellery and shoes.

I already own: 
  • All the shirts, excluding the beige-colored shirt
  • All the jeans
  • The floral dress
  • The blazer
  • The black cardigan
  • The white sweater
  • The grey sweater
I love the fact all these items go well together. For example, I could combine all the sweaters and shirts with all the jeans, I could wear the blouse under one of the sweaters and all the 'outerwear' goes well with every other piece as well. Now I understand that I'll never get these exact items into my closet, but I am going to do my best to find similar items. And I am so excited! Oh and you might find all these clothing pieces boring, but don't forget that, with the capsule wardrobe technique, you are 'allowed' to buy a certain amount of 'up-to-date' clothing pieces every season (so, every three months). I think I'll go for three to five items every season, including big accessoires and maybe shoes. I haven't really decided yet, haha. But the thing is, this system will save me money as well. since I won't be buying loads of clothes at once ever again. Niiiice,

Oh and by the way, I actually used a color scheme to put these items together. I searched on the internet for what colors look nice on me and I found out I am a 'fall type': an ivory skin, golden brown or maroon (colored?) hair and (light)brown or green-ish brown eyes. That's preeetty much me (ivory skin, golden brown hair and hazel/green-ish brown eyes). Click here to find out what colors look best on you.

I can't wait to purchase all these items and rock all the outfits I already have in mind (oops). Unfortunately I need a little patience for this project, but I will give you keep you updated! Thank you for reading.

Much love, XOXO.

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