If I only could play the guitar

I love music to the moon and back. I love listening to it, I love going to concerts (it's been exactly one year and two days since I we...

I love music to the moon and back. I love listening to it, I love going to concerts (it's been exactly one year and two days since I went to the Three Days Grace concert. Omggg) and above all, I LOVE playing it. As you might all know I play keyboard since about two years. Not for the longest time, indeed, but I keep getting better and better and I'm determined to become as good at it as I can get. What I don't understand about myself is why I started learning about/playing music so 'late'. Most musicians  I know started playing their musical instrument around the age of 10 or something. And I'm jealous, because they are all so super good now and I am... not. Well, I'll tell you something: once I wanted to play a musical instrument when I was much younger too. And that musical intrument was acoustic guitar.

When I was twelve, I bought an acoustic guitar with my dad at this awesome music store (where I've got my keyboard from, too - it's called Feedback, in Rotterdam), ''because I wanted to learn how to play guitar sooo badly.'' I honestly think I haven't played more than three songs on that beautiful black guitar. I didn't take one single lesson in learning to play guitar and I wonder how good I'd be if I had just taken lessons back then. I find the acoustic guitar on of the most beautiful musical instruments (maybe even more beautiful than the keyboard/piano, because it is just so pure and... simple, in some way (I feel like such a betrayer now, haha)). I actually have a top three of musical instruments (yes, really. I also have a top five types of cheeses. I'm so weird). Keyboard/piano comes first, then the guitar and then the harp. The ultimate goal is of course to be able to play all these musical instruments one day, but I've heard that playing harp is extremely hard. Or something.

Anyway, it's also super mesemerising to watch people play guitar (especially if they play a favorite song of yours, specially for you. Gaaawd) and I often just listen to acousic guitar covers on Youtube, more than I listen to piano covers (again, I'm such a betrayer, lol), although I love this person's piano covers (click). 

And now comes the thing I so hugely regret at the moment: I sold my guitar. At one glorious day I decided I wanted to learn how to play Nothing else matters by Metallica (I can already play the intro of this song on piano) on guitar and so I got my guitar, looked up the chords and started playing what I remembered from an old friend who taught me the first couple of chords. And I actually succeeded, although it sounded a little off. And so I tried to adjust one of the strings. And then the string broke. Bummer. I told my dad about what happened and he suggested to just sell the guitar. ''You never play anyway,'' he said, which was kind of true. And so I sold it and earned €50. And now I regret it. Big time. 

I think it's both very hard to play either of the instruments (guitar and piano). I know learning to play guitar hurts your fingers in the beginning and both instruments can frustrate the hell out of you when practicing them (and I'm a 100% sure that counts for all instuments). And I know that it takes years and years to master an instrument. So I can pretty much forget about rocking it on stage while playing an electic guitar at the age of 20. And for your information, I always day dreamed about this while I was listening to Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the car at the age of 7 (I truly believe loving rock music is in my genes...). Sorry, 7-year-old me, but it's never gonna happen. 

Now what I could do, is buy a new guitar, but I think my dad would faint. After all, I sold my guitar just a few months ago, because in all those 5/6 years, I never played. Pff, imagine how 'good' I'd be if I had just taken those damn lessons. 

So yes, if there's one thing I regret, it's not taking lessons in playing  guitar when I had the oppurtunity (I think it's pretty clear now, isn't it?). Luckily I have discovered the beauty of playing piano/keyboard and I am not going to give up on that anytime soon. And to show you where I am now with playing keyboard, I'll show you this short cover (it's from my Instagram) of Lithium, by Evanescence:

I'll post a video of the whole song when I've got it all down. It took me four to five hours to only learn to play the intro, so I think learning the whole song will take me a few more days. Oh well, it's super worth it. 

Thank you for reading this post. And who knows, maybe I'll buy a guitar one day and just learn some basics. It's never too late to practice a musical instrument after all. 



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