About sleepless nights and becoming an adult

Note:  have you noticed the extra scroll thingy at the bottom of my blog? If you use it, you can see some extra space at the side of my blog...

Note: have you noticed the extra scroll thingy at the bottom of my blog? If you use it, you can see some extra space at the side of my blog and I. don't. know. why. And I also don't know how to get rid of it. If anyone of you knows how to fix it, pleeease tell me! Thank you!

I don't really know what to write about, but I just feel like writing something new on here. I am by the way so surprised I am still writing in English. It's actually a little easier than I thought it would be. Anyway, currently it is 01:33 AM and it's the third night I am playing this amazing album on my laptop. The past few days I have been falling in love with the band 10 years, as you can tell by the fact my previous blog post is about them. My favorite songs on this album are 'Fix me' (much love), 'One more day', 'Don't fight' and 'Running in place', but actually all the songs on the album are slowly getting addicting. And so is this; listening to music on high volume after midnight. Much love (again).

Another picture I made while being in Turkey! Unfortunately the quality is not so good. :(

Speaking about love, I want to dedicate a small indention to it, because I feel like I'm thriving on it, although there's also a part of me that doesn't like that (because I just know I will get hurt eventually anyhow (so much dramaaa)). However, ever experienced the very moment of feeling you are falling in love with someone? It's a hell of an amazing moment. The world seems to become so much brighter from one second to another. The night I experienced this moment, I couldn't sleep because of it and I ended up tweeting all about it. I should be so embarrassed. Also for sharing this on my blog, but I'm not. I'll never be. Until the moment the actual person knows about it. God, I am being sooo risky (and stupid).

Let's get to another topic.

Lately I am getting more and more mail (or post? I'm confuseddd) about health insurances from companies in which they all tell me ''I will soon turn 18 and become an 'adult' (and need to choose a good health insurance and blah blah blah)''. As if I don't know. I know. And it's kind of freaking me out. My birthday is still a whole month (and 11 days) away, but it's coming closer and closer. I can't believe I am turning 18 so soon. Adulthood. I should probably not make such a big deal out of it, but it's just the thought of slowly becoming the adult I was always afraid of (just kidding), makes me feel kind of... sentimental? Anyway, I must not stress about just a number, after all it's just a difference of one year. And also, becoming 18 brings some benefits along, such as being able to buy alcohol and cigarettes legally again,  - because at first the law allowed us Dutch kids to buy alcohol and cigarettes legally at the age of 16. The law changed it to 18 right after I turned 16. Bummerrr. - yaaaay. No, actually I don't really care about that 'benefit'. I don't drink often and hate smoking anyway. So, not many benefits for me.

So, I guess I wrote this post to just a sort vent a bit. There's a lot going on in my life currently (which I am not going to write about on my blog, I must keep at least some things for myself (and I respect other people's privacy)), but luckily for me it's still summer break, so all this stress coming with it is getting compromised a bit. I hope you are all enjoying your summer (break)! I am, for the most part. The weekend started again today, but I have to work tomorrow. Luckily it's not such a big deal, I really like my job (if you didn't know yet, I work at a clothing store!). Some time has passed and it's 01:23 now and I think that's a nice time for me to go bed. I hope you liked to read my blog post. For now, sleep well and enjoy your weekend! :)


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