My bucket list

I have a bucket list. And today I am going to share my list with you. Back in the days, when I still blogged in Dutch, I had (almost) the ...

I have a bucket list. And today I am going to share my list with you. Back in the days, when I still blogged in Dutch, I had (almost) the same list put on my blog and I called it the Day zero project. I don't know why, I forgot about the whole idea of this 'Day zero project' anyway (and I'm too lazy to click on the link and read about it). I also have this list in my notes on Facebook - but in Dutch and adjusted a little as well - and I thought it would be cool to share this list with you on my blog, in English. There we go!

And older pic I made in Venice! 

Before I die, I want to... 
  1. Graduate
  2. Get drunk
  3. Receive more than 10 comments on one of my blog posts
  4. Dare to say what I want to say
  5. Have a conversation with somebody I rarely talk to
  6. Call a friend on NYE at midnight
  7. Celebrate NYE with a friend
  8. Realize there's no need to be insecure
  9. Play keyboard very well 
  10. Sleep 10 hours every night for at least five days straight
  11. Guide a tourist/foreign friend through my city
  12. Go to a concert
  13. Play keyboard for someone
  14. Sing for someone
  15. Buy a lottery ticket
  16. Take a ride on a scooter (with a boy?)
  17. Cook a nice meal for my parents
  18. Give my old clothes to a charity
  19. Adopt a pet
  20. Take pictures in a photo booth with a friend
  21. Visit my Italian family (once again)
  22. Meet my favorite band
  23. Play Skyrim (or any other game) with Luca (my brother)
  24. Take a walk with the dogs (and a really cute guy) 
  25. Eat super, super healthy for at least one week straight
  26. Compliment a stranger
  27. Go to a NYE party
  28. Travel to America (North- and South-America)
  29. Be good for the environment
  30. Eat five (foreign) things I've never eaten before
  31. Be able to speak Italian fluently
  32. Buy a present for someone, just because the person is nice 
  33. Forbid myself to buy any food (such as chocolate and candy...) for at least two weeks straight
  34. Save a lot of money
  35. Smoke weed/get high
  36. Pick someone up from the train station
  37. Pick someone up from the airport (at the gate!) 
  38. Make breakfast for Luca and Noa
  39. Write a song
  40. Write letters to someone
  41. Receive a package from a company to review on my blog
  42. Have a day full of activities
  43. Receive letters from someone
  44. Jump in the water with all my clothes still on (in summer, when it's hotter than hot) 
  45. Buy a Polaroid camera
  46. Spend a whole day baking all kinds of treats
  47. Fly a hot-air balloon
  48. Join a band
  49. Get my make-up done by a make-up artist
  50. Dance in the rain
  51. Visit someone who lives far away
  52. Have a 'Titanic moment' while being on a boat
  53. Go to a beach party (with beer, weed, music and a bonfire) 
  54. Get good grades in Economy class
  55. Attend a wedding
  56. Dance with a guy
  57. Make the first move
  58. Get married
  59. Take lessons in drumming
  60. Get a friend through a break-up 
  61. Go out for dinner with friends
  62. Go out for dinner with a guy
  63. Get kissed
  64. Like who I am as a person
  65. Be on TV
  66. Go to Paris
  67. Write a love letter to someone
  68. Visit London
  69. Visit Rome
  70. Go Parasailing
  71. Work abroad (England or Italy maybe) 
  72. Dance on a beautiful place
  73. Be happy
  74. Fall in love
  75. Travel the world
  76. Couch surf
  77. Blow someone's mind
  78. Do a road trip across Europe
Of course, there are tons of more things I want to achieve in my life and things I hope for to happen, such as getting kids, moving out, finishing MBO (my current study-thing) and building a career. For the time being, this is my bucket list and I really hope to achieve all these things as soon as possible - okay, apart from some things, such as getting married, don't worry. Oh and by the way, the things on my bucket list aren't put in any particular order! ;)

Q: what's on top of your bucket list?

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3 reacties

  1. Ik kende 'm al van Facebook, maar ik vind dat je er echt leuke dingen op hebt gezet. Ik heb zelf echt bepaald geen bucketlist en begin me nu wel even af te vragen of ik er niet ooit eentje op moet gaan stellen haha, lijkt me vooral zo leuk om dingen af te strepen. Die kan ik wel maken (zonder al teveel fantasie te hoeven gebruiken :P), een soort 'reverse bucketlist'.

  2. Ik heb heeeel vroeger ook Day Zero Project gehad, maar die ben ik na een tijdje ook vergeten. In het buitenland werken lijkt mij ook wel wat. Vorig jaar heb ik al een halfjaar gestudeerd in Finland, maar ergens werken is natuurlijk heel wat anders.