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The weather in Holland is slowly getting better and that's good, because I have only 1,5 days left and then my summer break begins! I ca...

The weather in Holland is slowly getting better and that's good, because I have only 1,5 days left and then my summer break begins! I can't even believe it. This year flew by so super fast. About my opinion on the past school year, you can read right here. The fact I'm aaalmost done with school, means I'll soon have time again for a bunch of other things! Not that I never had time to do other things than working on school this whole year, but I am now allowed to change my priorities and that feels really good.

The past few weeks I haven't played a lot of keyboard/piano. It's a shame. It's been three weeks since I had my last keyboard lesson and I truly miss learning about musical theory and all that. Now that the amplifier of the keyboards is broken and I often have to work on Saturdays, it's hard for my music teacher slash stepdad to start giving me lessons again. With that comes the fact I haven't been practicing a lot on my own lately. I have my own keyboard, so I am able to practice and play music whenever I want, but way too often I decide to do something else instead. Now that my summer break is coming up, I will have more time - and will definitely use that time - to practice more. I want to make more progress, I want to perfect my way of playing My Immortal (by Evanescence) and I have a whole list with songs I'd love to be able to play (and then record and put on my blog!). But, despite the fact I haven't been practicing much lately, I have made some great progress the past month. I have taught myself some hand independence, I am starting to use more dynamics when I play and I'm noticing that it's getting a little easier to find the right melody, notes and chords, etc. whenever I am learning a new song. Very soon I'll make some time to practice again, because I really don't want my passion for music to go to waste. I might practice a few hours today even... I think that'll be a very good idea. :)

Because I have been thinking: why would I tell people that I am a keyboard player, when I don't even practice every day or week? If somebody claims to be a singer, but only sings under the shower, that person isn't really a singer, right? The same goes for learning a language. I love learning Italian and I can read/write/speak it pretty good now, but it's been weeks since the last time I actually have been studying the language. My point is: I should stop telling people about my hobbies, passions and interest and I should start doing/practicing them. The magic is in the doing. Always. And I will put way more time in my hobbies and passions this summer. That's a promise to myself.

Also, this summer I am going to Turkey! Actually in a few weeks already and I am SO excited! I've been to Turkey twice before, but not to this particular resort I am going and I'm super curious for what it will be like. The resort is all-inclusive and the view is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to take a swim in the sea and wear cute outfits in the evening while having semi-fancy dinners and eat as much as I want, whenever I want. I also really hope to meet some nice people there, since I've lost my e-reader, which means I won't have much to read when being on holiday. Oh well, it'll be good for me to meet some people and if I do, I'm sure it'll be lots of fun!

I am also going to Brabant with my mom, stepdad, siblings and grandparents later in the summer. I am going to the same park as where Mascha from Beautygloss (I guess the Dutch beauty lovers surely know who I'm talking about) held her 'vriendinnenweekend' and it might seem silly, but I think that's kind of cool. In her vlogs the park looked really nice, so I am pretty excited!

Besides going on holidays, I hope to be working a lot this summer. I recently got a job as you might know and so I'm planning to make lots of money! If I earn enough money, I will save a big part and spend it on trips to Amsterdam, London and other cities in Europe later in the year. I really want to travel more and I hope my friends want so too, haha.

My biggest priority this summer will be to just have fun and enjoy the summer break as much as I can. Also I will spend more time on practicing and playing keyboards, learning Italian and blogging. I'm super excited for the summer break and luckily I feel like I have earned it. I. Can't. Wait!

Love, Romana

Q: what are your plans for the summer?

Edit: Oh crap, I just heard that my mentor will call the people who haven't passed the year the following week and although my grades and all that are fine, I'm nervous anyway. What if I'll get a call..?

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