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Monday, June 29, 2015

So, in less than two weeks I'll be heading off to Turkey (and later in the summer to some place in da Netherlandsss) and as you might already know, I'm pretty excited for that. For some reason, going on holiday always means I need new summer clothes (or actually it is just a really good excuse...) and so last Friday I went to Rotterdam to spend some money (and I thought I deserved it since I earned the money myself!). In this post I will show you guys what I bought. :)

 photo P1020290_zpsdwmgyxii.jpg
Playboy Play it sexy... body mist - 75ml, Kruidvat, €7,99 

 photo P1020262_zpspsonytpn.jpg
Bikini top (I am sorry, I forgot how much it both costs) and bottom - Primark

 photo P1020266_zpsktfqf2fb.jpg
I like the print so much!

 photo P1020299_zps3hmejbdo.jpg
Playsuit with lace - Bershka, €24,99

 photo P1020275_zpsznujvut2.jpg

 photo P1020295_zpscrwsh28w.jpg
Floral blouse - C&A, €14,90

 photo P1020297_zpsnwuzy9om.jpg

 photo P1020293_zpspmsx1xqs.jpg
See through black and white sweater - H&M, €7,- (in the sale!)

 photo P1020294_zpsqpeazpul.jpg

 photo P1020314_zps8eo4wy1n.jpg
Sleeveless denim jacket - H&M, €10,- (in the sale!)

 photo P1020326_zpsoqfr4ilo.jpg
Black sandals - H&M, €15,- 

And that's all I bought last Friday. I am especially super in love with the bikini and the playsuit. Although, it was really hard to make a good picture of the playsuit and when I am wearing it, it looks way more flattering. And also it might be good to know the body mist smells really good. So, I recommend it, haha. I can't wait to be wearing all of my new clothing pieces on holiday (although I am secretly already wearing them!). A few weeks ago I bought more clothes for this holiday coming up, so I am pretty sure I am all set now when it comes to summer clothing. I am looking forward to it! 

Q: Are you going somewhere (abroad) this summer? Let me know in the comments. And by the way, what to you think of the pictures I took (I am noticing a tiiiiny amount of progress myself, haha)?

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  1. Ik ga ook al vrij snel op vakantie en moet binnenkort echt nog even de stad in - sowieso voor een nieuwe bikini en een stel sandaaltjes zou ook wel fijn zijn. En zomerjurkjes. Ik vind vooral je sandaaltjes leuk!


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