My packing list for Turkey 2015

Thursday, July 02, 2015

I have said it a 100 times already, but soon I'll be in the plane on my way to the lovely Turkey. I've told everyone already and will keep telling everyone that I. am. so. excited! I am even excited for the days before actually leaving. Those days are always very fun due the excitement rushing through my veins, yet so super stressful (because of packing and worrying about forgetting to pack important stuff)! To make it a little easier for myself, I decided to make a packing list. Maybe it comes in handy for you too, if you're going somewhere sooner or later!

This packing list is for a two-week holiday in a very hot country - basically the climate you expect while being in Turkey in summer, haha. Keep this in mind if you're going to use my list for packing your suitcase(s). And towels and stuff are not included on the list, because those will be in the at the hotel already. Also, I didn't include things like a passport, money and keys.

This is what I will pack for my holiday to Turkey. I didn't mind about my visa, passport and all that, because I suppose my dad and his wife will take care of that. If you miss any important things on the list, please let me know. And if this packing list does come in handy for you too, leave a comment! And by the way, it's a printable, so you can print it out and check off the boxes! Mille baci!

Q: are you going somewhere this summer?

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  1. Non dimenticare.....SOLDI (geld....mony)
    Buone vacanze....divertiti. Ma.....fa attenzione!!!!!


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