Why I find Tumblr stupid

And now all kinds of Tumblr people will come to me and tell me I am stupid in order to defend themselves and Tumblr, but aren't you curi...

And now all kinds of Tumblr people will come to me and tell me I am stupid in order to defend themselves and Tumblr, but aren't you curious for the reasons behind my opinion? Because I have tons. And I have to be honest, I have been a Tumblr user myself for years. I spent hours on the it and really liked it. Until some things started to bother me and I decided to take my Tumblr account down. I recently came across this Facebook page called 'Shit Tumblr says' (the page is hilarious) and it made me dislike Tumblr even more. In this blog post I'd like to explain my slowly forming hate towards Tumblr to you. And by the way, if you're a Tumblr user, don't take it too personally. :) (this seems to be something I have to state in every article of mine lately).

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People self-diagnose
Yes, this is something many Tumblr people seem to do. So many people on Tumblr claim to have social disorders for example, while they haven't even been to the doctor yet. And on Tumblr you will actually find many people who will tell you to not self-diagnose, but still so many Tumblr users seem to do it and it used to frustrate me so much when I was still on Tumblr. And okay... put a gun to my head and I will tell you I am actually guilty myself, yes. A few years ago I read something about social anxiety (on Tumblr, of course). I recognised a lot of symptoms in myself and so I sent the link to my mom so she could read it and for a few weeks I was very convinced I had social anxiety. Stupid, right? Don't get me wrong, if you are on Tumblr and you do have some sort of anxiety or disorder, confirmed by someone who is specialised in it, than don't feel attacked. But if you think you have some disorder or anxiety, please don't self-diagnose and go see a doctor. It's for the best!

The need to be special
Almost everyone on Tumblr seems to have something. They are depressed, are suicidal, have some sort of anxiety, a disorder or have a 'special' gender identity. I am absolutely not saying these things don't need to be taken seriously and I am very sorry for the people who actually are depressed, suicidal or whatsoever, but I don't understand why so many people on Tumblr feel the need to 'brag' so much
 about what they have (in the negative sense). For example: 'Hey, I am Romana, a 17-year-old straight girl who is insecure and very shy. I used to go to a psychologist because I didn't like who I was anymore. My parents are divorced. I identify myself as a girl (duh?!). I am not seeking for attention, this is just who I am and if you need help or want to talk, you can contact me any time.' This, seriously, could be my biography on my non-existent Tumblr page and it wouldn't be weird in the Tumblr world. But to me, as someone who is not on Tumblr (anymore), this is kind of weird. Why would you want the world to know that you're not happy, for example? In some ways I get it though. I used to write blogs about my insecurities and trips to the speech therapist a lot of times, so I could vent myself and deep down inside I always hoped for a comment or two in which someone would tell me 'it'll be alright'. So I get that people on Tumblr are looking for other people with the same problems, in order to help each other or to ask for advice, but why post it everywhere? Why would you want anybody to know you are gay and unhappy and suicidal so much? Would you want your future boss to be able to read all of that? I can already tell you won't be hired anyway (not talking about the gay part, there's nothing wrong with being gay from my perspective). Tumblr people seem to feel the need to be 'special' way. too. much.

Okay, first things first, it is not my intention to insult anyone with this. If you are having any sort of issues with your gender identity or sexual orientation, I respect you and I don't want you to feel offended or anything. It's just that there are so many different names to describe your gender identity and your sexual orientation nowadays. I understand LBG (lesbian, bisexual and gay), but there are four more letters (TQIA) which I totally don't understand (and don't get me wrong, the fact I don't understand it doesn't mean I don't respect it). And then there are also names such as 'pansexual', 'gender fluid', 'genderqueer' and whatsoever. I am pretty sure all these names have a reasonable meaning and I actually have looked it up, but to me all these sexual orientations and gender identities seem to be a bit useless and pointless - Ohhh, I am so aware of the fact I am sooo crossing borders right now (as being a cisgender (what even?!)). I just don't get the fact people (and especially Tumblr people) want all of these gender identities and especially sexual orientations to be considered normal and most people don't want to be labeled as well, but still - and in contrast to that - they are labelling everyone with a different sexual orientation or 'special'/different gender identity. I just don't get all these special names and stuff. To me, and I get that this is very close-minded, everyone is either a male or a female (even transgenders either have the XY chromosomes or the XX chromosomes, right?) and yes, you may feel more like a boy while being a girl or the other way around (or whatsoever), but you still are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, a male or a female. Why label yourself and everyone around you, when it's already so hard to fit into society these days?

The so-called feminists
There seem to be a lot of feminists on Tumblr. Unfortunately many of those 'feminists' totally misunderstand the meaning of being a feminist. These so-called feminists are actually men-hating women, who rather see men being launched into space than that they achieve equal rights for men and women (which is the true meaning of feminism really). They usually post about the 'rape-culture' and men being assholes all the time and they always seem to participate in trends such as not shaving your leg hair because ''we need feminism!'' Again, don't get me wrong, I am not for or against feminism, but this kind of feminism bullshit is just... not smart (I actually wanted to say dumb, but I am trying to stay nice).

And these are the four reasons I don't like Tumblr anymore. I know that not every Tumblr user is like this and it this post says more about me than about Tumblr, but still, all these things I just mentioned are typically Tumblr. I guess I have just grown over it. Because, as I said before, I've been there. I have self-diagnosed, I did post stuff about my 'oh so bad insecurities' and personal problems and I wanted to be a 'special snowflake' just as bad as many other Tumblr users. I am not on Tumblr anymore for many reasons and actually these were just a few. I am pretty sure you hate me now if you actually have a Tumblr account, but it's up to you to feel attacked or offended after reading this article. And by the way, I must say I still like Tumblr for the inspiration it gives me and the beautiful photos on there. Anyway, I hoped you liked to read this blog post. Let me know if you did. Much love.

Q: What's your opinion on Tumblr and everything I just mentioned?

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