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The people who have been following my blog for a longer period of time, might know that I used to write a blog post (almost) every month in ...

The people who have been following my blog for a longer period of time, might know that I used to write a blog post (almost) every month in which I shared my favorite music of the moment. Well, those people might also have noticed that I stopped writing those articles a little while ago. I am not planning on writing these articles on a monthly basis again. Although, music is one of my greatest passions (as well as playing it as listening to it) and so I think my 'favorite songs of the moment' deserve to be shared on my blog every now and then. So, in this article I will tell you what songs have made me hit the replay button multiple times the past few weeks and why. Enjoy!

Give me a sign - Breaking Benjamin

At first I didn't know which song of Breaking Benjamin I wanted to share with you; I couldn't choose between Angels fall and Give me a sign. Eventually I chose for Give me a sign, because I have a reason for loving this particular song so much (but of course I am not going to share the reason with you, because I like to be mysterious). Although... I'm not sure if I 'love' this song, considering the fact it makes my heart ache - seriously, how poetic can you be, Romana?  - and it makes me want to cry (or something, because it also makes me want to scream). If you're super curious for the reason behind all these emotions of mine caused by this song, read about the meaning of this song. Maybe you can figure out the reason yourself (be creative!). And I also just really love the melody of this song and the poetic lyrics. :)

My immortal - evanescence

My immortal is a pretty well-known song, but that doesn't take away the fact it's a beautiful song. I once learned to play this song on piano, but since a while I am not very satisfied with how I play this song and so I started listening to it again to improve my way of playing it. And every time I hear this song, I can't get over how freaking amazing the ending is.When the guitars and drums come in; it's just amazing and I would absolutely love to be able to play this song more perfectly than I do now.

Ayo - Milow (cover by Kevin Staudt)

I can't really relate to this song, haha, but I love the tempo and the melody of this song. And this boy keeps blowing me away. He is so super talented and the way he sings this song is kind of... ehm... hot, you know? Yeah, I've been listening to this song for quite a few times. It sounds cool (despite the awful and empty lyrics). 

Six degrees of separation - The Script

Okay, so here it comes...  about a week ago I declared myself as a fan of The Script! I did a small attempt trying to listen to more mainstream music and I failed, but I must admit the The Script has made it to my Spotify playlist. Not that I hate mainstream music or hated The Script or something, but I just didn't expect myself to like their songs so much. I first started to listen to Look at me now, then I looked up the meaning of the song and came to know that the song is about Danny's father who passed away (although that's not so very hard to guess if you just read the lyrics) and then I felt some kind of sympathy for the band. I decided to listen to more of their songs and now I am sooort of addicted to a few of them, such as Man on a wire, Superheroes, No good in goodbye and of course, Six degrees of separation. 

So, these were four of the songs I listened to the most the past few weeks. The music genres differ a little from each other, but I believe that's good. I am discovering different kinds of music and I like that. I hope you liked reading (and listening to the music in) this blog post. Please, leave a comment below telling me what you think of the songs. I appreciate it! XOXO

Q: what are your favorite songs of the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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2 reacties

  1. totally loves Breaking Benjamin :D
    have you listen to their new album?

    1. Cool! Well, yes I have heard a few of their new songs, such as Failure, When angels fall and Close to heaven. Totally love those songs!