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Inspired by Teske , I decided to create a 'mood board' for myself, to visualize my current dreams and goals. Instead ...

Inspired by Teske, I decided to create a 'mood board' for myself, to visualize my current dreams and goals. Instead of making a mood board the old school way (with scissors, glue and a bunch of old magazines), I decided to just use Photoshop. (I am beginning to love it now, thanks to school!) I searched on Tumblr for pictures that match my dreams and the things I want to achieve in life and created a collage. In this article I will show you my mood board and of course I will tell something about it as well. Keep on reading of you're interested!

From left to right: 

The money in the jar: Like any other person I wouldn't mind being hella rich, but it's not like it's one of my main goals in life. I'd rather have little and be happy, than have much and be unhappy. I just want to have enough money so that I can take care of myself  and make myself happy in the future. They often say that money doesn't guarantee happiness, but I believe it actually does (oops, contradiction much). I want to be able to travel when I'm older. I want to be able to buy nice things for myself and others without having to worry about money issues. And without money, you can't really do those things, right? Also, by having a job I am able to develop myself as a person, which I think is very important. 

The clothing: As you could read in my Capsule Wardrobe Technique article, I really want to minimize my wardrobe (and I'm halfway there!) and own only clothing pieces that work perfect for me and look great together. I basically just really want to own my perfect, desired wardrobe. But there's more behind it: I don't only want to save money on clothing, I want to save money on everything and save it up for traveling, fun things and things that are absolutely worth my money. No more useless money spending for me! 

The papers: School! As every other student I hope to graduate when I'm done with school (which will be in 1,5 years). I love the fact school really challenges me and gives me the opportunity to constantly work on myself. Sometimes it tires me, but I'm really happy to be studying editorial assistance. It really suits me. I hope I'll keep doing well in school and will create things I'm truly proud of. And I hope to pass this year, find an amazingly cool internship next year and to graduate afterwards!

My friends: On this picture you see me and my friends. Don't they look amazing and pretty and awesome? It sounds awfully cheesy, but I really love this girls to the moon and back. I hope we'll stay friends for another 10 more years and longer. Also, on a more personal level I somehow hope to make more friends, since I really just feel like I have to. It's not like I don't want to let people in, but for some dumb reason it's always been hard for me to trust people. I really hope that I'll be able to break my walls down (completely) soon. It's always a work in progress and I'm super happy to have these four amazing best friends to help me with it. 

The quote: Learn to let things you cannot control go. Something I should definitely remember. I always intent to want to have (wow, to to to) too much control over anything, but I have learned that it is sometimes better to let go of something instead of holding on to it and hurt yourself even more. Over time I have come to the conclusion that the people who want to be in my life, will do anything to stay in my life and the people who say so, but don't... well, I should just let them go. I shouldn't put all effort in making them want to stay. After all, I can't control who or what stays in my life. I do believe a little in fate and therefore I believe that what is meant to be, will happen and people come in your life for a reason. Or they leave for a reason. 

The other -love- quote: Speaks a little for itself doesn't it? Although this whole wanting to find true love thing depends mostly on myself, I also believe (gosh, I'm such a big believer in all kinds of things, but in contradiction to that I am an atheist) the right guy will come along when the time is right. Oh, I'm such a dreamer... back to reality. If I could manage to become just a little less shy and 'insecure' (I am not really insecure anymore, only a little... insecure, haha) things will look brighter right away, I'm sure. But it's just so hard to step outside of my comfort zone. I will, though. I'll get where I want to be sooner or later. And the rest will follow. And I'll live happily ever after (just kidding. I think I secretly belong in a fairy tale (à la Once Upon A Time?)). 

The world map: this picture stands for me wanting to travel so. badly. I'm already saving money for a possible trip I want to make next summer. I don't know how yet, with who and most importantly, where to, but I really want to go. I am thinking about Italy, because - besides my never ending love for this country. You know me - a friend of mine wants to go to Verona and I really want to visit Venice again. And since I know Venice isn't so expensive at all to go to, I am convincing my friend(s) to save up money. And also we could go to Verona and do a little road trip across Italy if we have the courage/guts/money and enough ability to completely look after ourselves. Oh well, this is just a little idea and I honestly don't think it'll happen, but I still can fantasise about it right? My 'travel list' has become endlessly long and I'm so dying to see a little more of the world. With enough discipline to save up money, the right connections and me standing a little more with both feet on the ground, I'll soon be able to do it!

The piano: This picture also pretty much speaks for itself. As you might know, I play keyboard/piano and I truly love to make music. Since I don't really get lessons anymore (which is my own fault), I am starting to teach myself about music theory and I believe it is going pretty well. I am still noticing progress and I'm determined to become better. And... a cover will soon appear on my blog! :) 

And then this is my current mood board. I only 'half' believe that regularly looking at your mood board helps you to achieve your dreams, but it's a very nice thought. And it was fun to make this collage. I hope you liked to read about it. Thank you for reading. 


Q: Have you ever considered to make/made a mood board? What were/are your mean dreams and goals?

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