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I think I have a love/hate-relationship with tags. They're usually fun to answer and the more you make of your own answers, the more int...

I think I have a love/hate-relationship with tags. They're usually fun to answer and the more you make of your own answers, the more interesting it is to read. Though, I also 'see' tags as a sort of back-up for when you don't have the inspiration to write about something else. With this tag that's not really the case though, I really liked the questions when I read Hester's version of this tag on her blog. And so I'd like to answer them myself. So, here are some answers to questions I've never been asked before.

''Let me dream a little more and I'll be good for another night.''

Do you think you can be friends with someone from the opposite sex?

Hmm, it's funny because a few days ago I discussed this topic with a friend of mine and my statement was no, but that's only because of my personal experiences (and eventually my friend convinced me that a boy/girl friendship is possible). In fact, I know plenty of girls who are friends with boys while there are zero feelings involved, or the other way around. So yes, I think it's possible, but it also depends on the person. If you're someone who easily catches feelings for another person, it can be hard to 'just' be friends with someone from the opposite sex (unless you're gay, of course). I myself have been 'able' to be just friends with a boy a very few times. I was always the one catching some kind of feelings or I felt some sort of tension building up between the two of us over time. Luckily I'm not doomed to only have female friends (haha). I can be friends with a guy if I want to, sure I can, but in most cases it takes me some effort not to catch feelings/want more/feel tension (and then make it awkward) or whatsoever and sometimes, that can be annoying. #confessionmuch

How often do you write using a pen and paper?

Since the typewriter and eventually the keyboard were involved, it's logical that people have been choosing these things over an 'old-fashioned' pen and paper, simply because it makes writing a lot easier. Because I'm in school I often take out my notebook and a pen to make notes, though. And I love handwritten things. And handwritings. I guess that's also the reason why I love writing poems on paper. I also really enjoy writing letters to people every now and then (yes, I really have sent letters/written on postcards to people and I also know that it is sort of old-fashioned, weirdly romantic in some cases - read: I once wrote five letters to some guy just because I wanted to (and he liked it) -and a little stupid maybe, but it's really relaxing and fun).

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Honestly, the first thing I do in the morning is checking my social media on my phone. And so it happens that I easily waste up to fifteen minutes every morning on scrolling though Twitter timeline, checking Facebook updates and reading blogs. Now I wonder why I'm always in such a rush in the morning...

Do you ever like something on Facebook while you don't even like it? 

Well, no, but I do like a lot of things on Facebook. It's almost like it goes automatically and sometimes I forget that people in my friend list can actually see what I have liked on Facebook. It's not like I like things randomly, though. I really only like what I like (is it confusing yet?) and I guess that's just a lot.

Who's the person you can get along with the best? 

I'm not sure if I translated this question correctly, but I hope it's understandable. Anyhow, I guess that person was my best friend. Was, oh that sounds sad. I guess we just grew apart. And sometimes I really wish I could turn back time and fix things, but I can't. And I still have three other amazing best best best friends who know me better than anyone else. Other than my friends I can get along really well with my sister, despite the age difference we have.

Are you good at reading out loud? 

Hm, I used to. In elementary school/middle school (de basisschool in Dutch, makes more sense) I always participated in the 'reading out loud contest' (de voorleeswedstrijd in Dutch, makes more sense as well) and two times I got the third place and one time I got the second place. So yes, I was pretty good at reading out loud and I really enjoyed it as well. When we were doing subjects like biology and history in class and the teacher would pick out(?) people to read out little bits, I was always one of the firsts to raise my hand. As I became more and more insecure about the sound of my voice, I obviously didn't like reading out loud anymore and by the time I was in high school, I absolutely hated it, just like any other student, I came to know. Now I still don't really like it, but it doesn't make me light headed and sick anymore, which is good. :)

Do you cry easily in front of people? 

Yes. In my first years of high school I was pretty dramatic (and also just a really really big mess) and so I often cried in class or dramatically ran out of the classroom to cry in the bathroom (lol). Super embarassing. Time has passed and things have changed and I don't cry so easily anymore, When I do, it's because of serious crap. And of course I always try to fight my tears, but most of the time I fail and then I just cry. Oh, and it's not like I cry easily in front of anyone. In fact, the only people who have seen me cry heavily are my parents, my mom- and stepdad and my closest friends.

When's the last time you did something for the first time? 

Actually there are many things you do for the first time without even thinking about it: particular assignments you do for school, for example. But of course, that wouldn't be a very satisfying answer, would it? So, that means I have to think about it for a little while. Well, I recently covered a full song and shared it with someone and that's something I had never done before?

This was the tag. The questions were quite interesting and definitely topics you can I would love to discuss about. If you want to do this tag, go ahead and when/if you've done it (already), please leave me a link in the comments! Thank you for reading and have a nice day. XOXO.

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