Rewritten book review: Breakable

For English class I had to write a book review and so I decided to review my favorite book of all times: Breakable, by Tammara Webber and I...

For English class I had to write a book review and so I decided to review my favorite book of all times: Breakable, by Tammara Webber and I decided to share it on my blog as well. I have already written a more personal (and less serious?) review about this book, which you can read right here.

Tammara Webber is the writer of the book Breakable, a whole new story that focuses on the male character, who was earlier introduced in the book Easy, in which the story was written from the female’s perspective. Easy is a tale of sisterhood. Breakable, on the other hand, is the story of how one boy turned into a man and his rocky path to adulthood.

‘’At a very young age, Landon loses his mother due murder, who also happened to be the perfect balance for his more uptight father. Before his mother dies, Landon lives a happy, privileged life. After his mother’s death, Landon emotionally feels like an orphan; all by himself. He changes his clothing style, starts wearing bracelets to cover up the scars on his wrists and lets his hair grow so his ice blue eyes are hidden. The older he gets, the more he learns that fighting is an effective of a drug as well as the alcohol he imbibes way too frequently. Landon tries not to care about anything and loses himself in partying and using drugs.

Then Landon goes to college and decides to change his name to Lucas, in order to leave his past behind him. By the time he is in college and lives on this own, he has truly made an effort to become the man his mother would want him to be. And then he notices a girl during economics class. Casual interest turns into longing after one night, when he saves her from rape and she becomes intrigued by him too.’’

Tammara Webber is a writer who writes contemporary, coming-of-age fiction (Young Adult and New Adult) with a very romantic touch. Tammara Webber wrote two series of books: Between the Lines (which includes Between the Lines, Where You Are, Good For You and Here Without You) and Contours of the Heart (which includes Easy and Breakable). Tammara’s newest release (2015) is the book Sweet, which is a part of the series Contours of the heart. Tammara Webber’s books are romantic, very well quotable and true page-turners.

My opinion
I absolutely loved reading the book Breakable. As earlier said, Breakable isn’t really the prequel of the book Easy. In fact, it’s actually the same story, but then told from the male’s perspective. Plus, you get to know a lot about Landon/Lucas’s life; his childhood, his experience with weed, girls, partying and alcohol and about his love for Jacqueline (the female character in Easy). And that’s what I loved about this book the most. It is like taking a look in a guy’s head, which is very interesting. Reading about him falling in love is the cutest thing and honestly, if Landon/Lucas would’ve been a real person, I would have definitely fallen for him. What also makes this book really good is the completely unexpected plot twist, which I obviously won’t give away.

It’s not necessary to read Easy before reading Breakable, but I do recommend it, because it’ll clear up a few things while reading Breakable. This book will make your heart ache for love and you’ll definitely won’t be able to easily put the book away after you have started on it. But trust me, it’s definitely worth it. And also if you are a guy this book can be interesting to read. After all, this book is about a boy’s life and you might find some similarities as being a male yourself.

Breakable, a book that’ll wake the romanticist inside you. A true page-turner with a very unexpected and amazing plot twist; definitely worth reading. 

And thank you for reading my review. 

Much love! 

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