Here without you - 3 Doors Down

It has been raining for hours now and it's super cold. I wanted to write about something, but didn't really know about what to write...

It has been raining for hours now and it's super cold. I wanted to write about something, but didn't really know about what to write. As I was listening to some music I came up with something. Ready for some way too personal, this-rather-belongs-in-a-personal-dairy-or-just-shouldn't-be-shared-ish stuff? This is going to be a blog post about my favorite song and the weird reason for it; a sort of song dedication!

Right now, as I am writing this, I am listening to my favorite song (duh?) - and the best version - of all time: Here without you, the acoustic version, by 3 Doors Down. People who know me personally might know that I have claimed this song to be my favorite a long, long time ago. I don't really know why though, the music isn't so very outstanding and the song is a bit 'standard' and above all, very mainstream (it's by far 3 Doors Down's most populair song). I guess it was the lyrics that spoke to me at that time and I think you can guess why. This song is clearly about some sort of distance and let that be that one thing that has been playing a pretty big role in my life now for quite some damn time.

''I've heard this life is overrated, but I hope that it gets better as we gooo.'' Eargasm (and that's why this is my favorite version). 

I could consider this song as the 'soundtrack' of my life, but maybe it is just that I wanted it to be the soundtrack of my life the one-at-last time I catched them feels for someone (Oh, this is getting way too deep and way too personal again. Oh well). This song is pretty romantic and very meaningful and at one time I actually thought this song was suddenly so loved by me because of its meaning; because the lyrics became more meaningful to me than ever. I must admit this wasn't really my most favorite song at first, I just thought it fitted my situation very well. At that time there was this story, this memory attached to it that I cherished a lot and little did I know, that when I shared this little story with ''just the right person'', a couple more memories would follow and attach themselves to this damned song (read: "he" made the desicion to play and sing the song for me. Pls, shoot me now). And maybe I only love this song so much now because of the memories that are attached to it; memories I wouldn't mind re-living, but are left in the past and there to stay. Unfortunatly.

I am not really sure why I wanted to share this story with you, this dedication to my so called favorite song. Maybe it's because I've been playing this song for the sixth time in a row now and I'm about to hit the replay button just another time. Besides all the feelings and memories that come up whenever I hear the first line of this song, that I cherish a lot and despise a little (or the other way around?), it's also just a really good and emotional (and mainstream, but whatever) song. And I've known it for years and years and years. And uhm,  that singer's pretty voice..? Oh and Brad (the singer) actually liked an Instagram picture of mine once, OMG. #fangirlmuch *and hitting the replay button again*

Thanks for reading! :)

Q: what's your favorite song and why?

Oh and isn't the cover of this song (or the album cover actually) weird and a little creepy?! 

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