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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Since today school has started again after a one week break, shoot me. No, actually I don't find it that bad. School is good distraction and it keeps me busy. Also I like my classmates and all, so I'm good. I don't want this to be an all personal post again, so I thought it would be nice to tell you guys something about my updated wardrobe! I don't have pictures of my actual wardrobe though, but I will show you what I bought last week during my 'fall break'. I am already so excited!

What I bought:
White blouse - H&M, 19,95
Fake leather jacket - Forever21, €22,95
Green sweater (not exactly this one, but it looks similar) - H&M, €19,95
Denim jacket - Bershka, €24,99
T-shirt (the one I own is a little more pink-ish, with gold glitters woven through the fabric) - H&M, €9,95 

And now, this is what I own so far... I'm almooost there!

☑ A pair of black skinny jeans (I actually own two pairs)
☑ A pair of indigo skinny jeans
☑ A pair of high waisted black jeans (fake leather material)
☑ A pair of high waisted denim jeans
☐ A black body con skirt 
☑ Basic, colored short sleeve tops (I own a white, grey, mint and light pink top)
☑ A top with a v-neck (the grey top)
☐ A little black dress
☑ A flattering floral dress
☐ A black skater skirt
☑ More than enough black tights
☑ A denim jacket
☑ A leather jacket
☐ A striped top
☑ A black cardigan
☑ A black blazer
 A white blouse
☑ Around three neutral colored sweaters (grey, dark green and white)

Then this'd be my 'perfect' wardrobe for the fall and winter time. As You can see, I am really halfway there and my closet looks so much more sorted out and 'cleaner' already. And everything that I own goes well together, so that's amazing! I didn't buy any skirts or dresses yet, because I want to find some nice pair of shoes that fit under a dress or skirt first! I will keep you updated on this still going on project of mine. And when I'm finished, I will post some outfit articles online. 

Much love, 

(And oh, I am slightly proud of the photo collage I made, because I created it with photoshop. I'm finally making use of what I learn at school. Haha. :)) 

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