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...but a Blue Month. It's not even been Blue Monday yet, but I'm not feeling really happy these days. I don't know if it's t...

...but a Blue Month. It's not even been Blue Monday yet, but I'm not feeling really happy these days. I don't know if it's the bad weather, the dumb problems I've created in my head or my self-esteem that's just so ridiculously low at the moment - probably a combination of all three -,  but I'm not so much a fan of this year's January. Partly because I have a lot of exciting things coming up next month and party because this month just sucks with all the rain and the bad vibes, I can't wait until it's February. Luckily I recently discovered some really nice music, that fits the bad weather and my slightly depressed mood perfectly, although it doesn't make me sad. I am talking about the band Cigarettes After Sex, a band that produces such chill and relaxing music, I can't get enough of it.

''Sometimes is rains, sometimes it shines. This is how flowers grow.'' :) (unfortunately not mine)

'Cigarettes After Sex' is quite an outstanding name, but so it their music. I love to fall asleep to the slow beat and the mellow voice. I can almost say this music changes my state of mind. Not to leave unmentioned that cigarettes after sex seems to be a perfectly sweet scenario (Oh, I might regret sharing this, but it's simply what this music does to your mind, I swear). Also I'd like to share their website with you. That website is seriously so ugly and simple that it's beautiful. So simple that I could recreate that website within five minutes and I'm guessing that it's made with Dreamweaver. Anyway, now I will share some of my favorite songs with you from CAS.

Keep on loving you


Sometimes we talk all night long, we don't shut up 
& when it's late we'll say we're still wide awake so... 
We love to talk about how you'll come up to visit me 
& we'll rent a car 
& we'll drive up state 
 It's affection always, 
You're gonna see it someday 
My attenton for you 
even if it's not what you need

(yesss, love this!)

Dreaming of You

I'm a Firefighter

Cigarettes After Sex is, I believe, a beginning band (yes, confirmed, they started the band in 2012) and so they are VERY involved with their fans. I once tweeted something about the band and they retweeted it, then I tweeted something else about them and they started following me, which made me a little excited (#fangirlingmuch). What is kind of remarkable is that it's almost impossible to find photos of the band (I tried to find pictures of the band members on Google, but I failed). On the 12th of March they will play at the Calling London festival in Amsterdam and I'd really like to go. I only need to find someone who would like to go with me. Any volunteers? 

So, this band is currently dragging me through this not so delightful month. What's funny is that this music is so different from the music I used to listen to half a year ago, especially when feeling sad (read: loud music, depressing lyrics and metal voices), but this music is so calming and the lyrics are so sweet and full of love. 

In two weeks I will start with a training for people who have ''social problems'', which is given at school, consisting out of five lessons of two hours after school (17.15) and provided by this organisation called Lef!. I still can't believe I signed myself up for the training, since I find it an extremely scary thought to attend such a training, but I'm also proud of myself for just doing it. I've got nothing to lose anyway and I hope it will help me. Further more, in a week it's pay day again and this month I have worked a lot, so I expect to get a lot of money. And in February I am going to this big techno glow in the dark party in Rotterdam, which I'm very excited for, so a lot of fun and excited things are coming, which I'm - obviously - very happy about. I hope to soon get rid of this ongoing Blue Monday feeling, but until then I'll just keep on listening to CAS and appreciate the little moments of happiness. Do you have any tips for surviving a Blue Monday month? If so, leave them in the comments. Thank you for reading! XO. 

Q: Soooo, what is your opinion about Cigarettes After Sex's music? 

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