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It may not be a big surprise that I want to travel. Some people use their money to buy alcohol and drugs, some spend it on parties or fun ac...

It may not be a big surprise that I want to travel. Some people use their money to buy alcohol and drugs, some spend it on parties or fun activities other than parties and other people rather spend it on clothes and make-up. Or food. Besides the fact I mostly spend my money on the last three things, I also try to save up as much money as I can for traveling. I've done quite a lot of city trips, thanks to my parents and school (Paris, London, Verona, Venice, Rome, etcetera), but there's still so, so, so, so much I want and need to see/visit. In fact, I've never been out of Europe.

 I used to have a list on which I used to write what cities and countries I wanted to visit and it became  longer and longer. A few weeks ago I accidentally deleted this list (It was in my notes on my phone) and so I want to create a new list and put it on my blog. I'd also like to tell why I want to visit these particular places to badly.

London, in 2014

Within my own country:

Rotterdam: Rotterdam is not a 'new' city for me. In fact, I'm more often to be found in this city than I am at my actual place of living, which is about fifteen minutes away from Rotterdam if you go by train. My school is located in Rotterdam and also I was born in this city. Still, there's so much more for me to discover. When I'm in Rotterdam, I am mostly either walking to school or shopping and I know Rotterdam is more than 'De Koopgoot' (big shopping area) and the Proveniersstraat (Dutch article). Also, Rotterdam is called out to be the best city to live in in all of Europe. I'm honestly proud. Also, Rotterdam has gotten in the top five of Lonely Planet's 'cities you must visit' list. I am more proud. I'd love it if Rotterdam would get more recognition by tourists (because there's honestly more to my country than Amsterdam, people), because in my opinion, Rotterdam truly is a cool city to visit. It's modern, urban, artistic, some beautiful city parts from before WWII are still intact and also this huge harbor city has Europe's largest food market, de Markthal.

Amsterdam: And then there is Amsterdam. “Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” a The Fault In Our Stars quote, yes. Amsterdam is known by many (foreign) people as the city of drugs, sex and... not necessarily rock and roll. Of course, Amsterdam is the perfect place to be when you want to smoke weed, since it's sort of legal here, but there's more to this old city than the drugs and the Red Light District. I recently came across this list of things you must do in Amsterdam and it made me sooo excited to visit Amsterdam another time. The last time I was there has been two years ago and once again, all I did was shopping. I'd love to visit the Anne Frank house, the Vondelpark, walk along the canals and go to old music- and bookstores. And yes, I'll be honest, I'd also visit a coffee shop, to be more specific: this one (Amsterdam's original coffee shop, apparently). It looks really awesome. I'd be too afraid to buy any weed, though. And maybe that's for the best. I'm thinking about going to Amsterdam this winter, but if not I'll probably go in spring. I'm hoping for it!


Of all continents, Europe is by far my favorite. It's so full of different cultures, languages and people. Within Europe I've been to quite a few different cities and I'm really thankful for that. I have experienced that every city, even within the same country, has its own vibe and feeling. I love it. I've already been to Paris, some other places in France, London, Rome, Venice and some other Italian cities, one of the Greek islands and Turkey, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. There's more in Europe that I'd like to visit, though. And also there are some places that I'd like to visit again. 

Italy: To begin with Italy. Of course. I love the language, the food, the people, the landscapes, the cities, the boys (haha) and the Italian way of living (or at least the perception of how the Italians live). Although, I've obviously been to Italy many times before, I really want to go there again. I'll just never get tired of this country, I guess. I have a friend who would really like to go to Verona, the romantic city of Romeo and Giulia (or Juliette, Julia?) and I, of course, wouldn't mind going with her. We are actually low-key planning a road-trip through Italy for somewhere next year, or else a 'simple' city trip, and I'm super excited about it! I myself would like to visit Venice again, since this city really blew my mind when I was there 1,5 years ago. But also Naples, Florence (or Firenze? :)) and especially Milan have caught my interest. 

Rome, in 2014

Great-Britain: Thanks to school two years ago, I had the chance to go to London and I absolutely loved it. Not only I loved the typical London things (the British accent, the red busses, Oxford street and the subway), I also loved the vibe of this city. Every damn person looked so fashionable! There is a Starbucks around every corner and the most amazing clothing brands can be found in Oxford streets and Piccadilly Circus, but it's mostly the buildings and people that intrigued me. The people were really nice and maybe it's the fact that they speak English there and that my English is perfectly fine, but I felt so 'at home' in this city. My friend and I felt like two London girls, sipping coffees and walking through the streets of London. The boulevard (where the London eye is) was super romantic. I'd love to go to London once again, maybe with my now non-existent boyfriend. Sigh.

I've been told (and seen on television) that England has a beautiful countryside and therefore I'd really like to go there as well. Scotland is also a country I'd like to visit. And Dublin. And Liverpool, I mean duh, The Beatles are from there!

Paris: This is as well a city where I have already been, but only for two days, which was honestly too short. I went to this city in my third year of high school and all my friends and I did was shopping. I have seen the Eiffel tower (when the lights went on!), but that's about it. I haven't seen the Louvre or any other Parisian must see. That's why I really want to go to the city of love again. I want to see the Eiffel tower once again, eat macaroons, take pictures at the Louvre, spend an afternoon at the Marais and walk along the Seine.

Prague: I've been told that Prague is a cool city to visit, so that's why. 

Iceland: Although I am not really a fan of cold places, I'd really love to visit Iceland. I'd love to visit the Blue Lagoon and adore the Icelandic landscape, but I'm mostly interested in seeing the Northern lights. I can't explain how amazing I find this natural phenomenon. Definitely a must see for me!

Spain: I've always thought of Spain as a country not really worth visiting and I don't really know why. I will visit this country in summer, though and although I'm still not so convinced about why this country is definitely a must visit, I'm happy to go there. I'm very curious about the culture, the people and the language (which will be funny, because I expect myself to mix up Italian with Spanish a lot, since it's so much alike). I don't really know what to expect of Spain, but I am really excited to go there!

More, more, more... 
Yes, there are more countries and cities in Europe I want to visit, such as Russia, Istanbul(!!!), Lisbon and Brussels, but the list would get too long. A road trip through Europe would be perfect for me, wouldn't it? Maybe one day...


Of course I'd also really like to visit North-America and, obviously, New York is on top of the list. My mom has been to this immense popular city and thanks to many Youtube vlogs of people visiting New York, I really want to go there too. My stepdad (who is American) has told me that you can hear every language around you when you're in New York. New York is a very multi-cultural city, which I like and I would love to walk through Central Park, take a yellow cab, visit Little Italy and China Town, shop at the big shopping malls and be amazed by Time Square.

Also, I'd like to visit Canada. My previous favorite band is from there, but apart from that I don't really have a reason for wanting to go there. Though, Canada's nature is very beautiful too and I'd like to visit Toronto. It's America, but it's not (I know it's a country on its own and not a part of the US). And I know they also speak French there, so that's quite interesting.


Since about a year I am kind of interested in South-America too, especially in Brazil and that's because of the movie Twilight (yes, really), when Bella and Edward visit Rio de Janeiro. I expect Brazil to have beautiful landscapes and also I'm very curious for the culture.


Actually I have nothing with the Asian continent. For example, I don't like the spicy food that comes from there, India doesn't attract me because of the weird caste system and China doesn't attract me a single bit. I'd like to visit Japan, though, because that must simply be a whole other world. Different costums, a whole different perception of beauty and also a lot of different cosmetics, which I'm very curious for. Also I've been told that Japan has beautiful landscapes as well.

There is one single thing that makes me interested in Asia though and that's its spirituality. I don't exactly know what countries are known for this (India, Indonesia?) and when I search for these countries online, I am constantly amazed by the beautiful landscapes and nature. Of course, pictures are often touched up a little, but still I'd like to appreciate these landscapes and the nature with my own eyes.

Also people often say that India is the country to visit when you 'want to find yourself'. Now some people may find this way too spiritual and I don't have much with this country (although I like the Indian elephants), but I am sort of curious about it. Right now I don't feel much desire to visit this country, but maybe in the future I will. I'm definitely interested the spiritual side of this country.


Thanks to my grandparents, who have visited South-Africa many many times, I've become really interested in South-Africa. Also, in my opinion, visiting South-Africa is something everybody must do at least once in their lives. Of course, people don't always have the money, but South-Africa is so special and yet again so different from all the other countries in the world. I just really want to do a safari trip and spot the big five, haha! And also I want to just lay down somewhere (safe, away from the snakes, haha) and appreciate the starry, African night. Less dreamy: I'm also really curious for the South-African food!

I'd also like to visit Egypt, just because of the pyramids and the rich and, to me, interesting history.


Then there is Australia. The enormous country with scary snakes and way too big spiders. I wasn't always so interested in Australia, because I thought it was just a very big, boring country (silly me), but Australia has such beautiful things I need to see. I'd love to swim through the Barrier Reef, learn how to surf at the Australian coast, visit Sidney, go to a zoo to see the special Australian animals and watch the various phenomenons nature has created (oh, I sound so spiritual). And oh, it's not exactly Australia, but I'd also really like to visit New-Zealand. This country has such beautiful nature that I think hope will be worth the super super super long flight (and that also counts for Australia, by the way).

Then this was my travel bucket list. I'm afraid I forgot about some places, but if necessary, I'll update it another time. I get so excited when I think about traveling and I'm so lucky to have the possibility to save money for it and everything else needed to travel. I only need to have a little more courage! But I'll begin small anyway; first Amsterdam, then maybe soon Italy. Whatever happens, I'll make it all happen some day (my spiritual, dreamy vibe still hasn't stopped...).

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