Sunday the 17th of January

And yet again I proved myself how quickly my moods change. A few days ago I felt ridiculously depressed (see my previous article , haha), bu...

And yet again I proved myself how quickly my moods change. A few days ago I felt ridiculously depressed (see my previous article, haha), but here I am: a lot happier and excited for life again. Phew. I think my mood swings are majorly just caused by post-teenage hormones and many insecurities, that sometimes - obviously - take over. Luckily my depressed moods have always been temporary and I'm glad to be back on track again. And also, sometimes it takes just one fun day, one message from a special person or one sweet comment about your appearance to feel happy again (just as it takes one negative comment to go down hill...). And I can prove my statement by the fact that last Sunday was such an amazing day and made me really happy. And so this article is a dedication to my happy Sunday, 17-01-2016.

@ The Tea Lab. This red velvet cake is heaven.

@ Urbarn Outfitters 

@ Urban Outfitters

I was looking forward to the past weekend, because I didn't have to work Saturday or Sunday and so I had a whole 'free' weekend ahead of me. Saturday was a very relaxed day. I went to the gym in the morning and for the rest of the day I mostly played The Sims 3 for some good nostalgia (I used to play that game all the time when I was younger). The next morning I woke up at 08:00 AM, heavily convinced of having received a particular message on What's app. Turned out I had not and so I became a little frustrated (majorly because I had even dreamed about the message(?!) and it was very realistic. Just messes with your mind a bit). Then, after half an hour of convincing myself of getting out of bed, I got out of bed and made myself ready to go to the gym yet another morning. After my work-out I went back home and made myself ready to go to Rotterdam with a friend. We had hot chocolate and cake at The Tea Lab, did some shopping (or at least Vivianne did, I bought nothing) and witnessed a proposal on the streets! So sweet.

At 15:00 I had to go back home, but my train did not depart, so I took another train and then I took the bus. I had to run for the bus and when I got in, it turned out I had no credit left to check in. Luckily the bus driver was a very nice man and told me that I didn't have to pay. :)

Finally at home, I went to my mom's, because my grandparents were picking me up to go to my mom's band performance! It was the second time I saw the band perform and they were amazing. And I'm so proud of my mom for what she's doing (my mom is the singer of the band and she's really good). 09:00 PM I was back home and TIRED. I said hi to my dad and stepmom, took a shower and went to sleep. I love busy days full of love, nice people, music, cool places and good food. It's what life is made for.

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  1. Jaa, the Tea Lab! Fijn zaakje is dat. Ik was gisteren in de Urban Outfitters en ik word ook heel blij van al die boekjes daar, nog blijer dan van de kleding eigenlijk haha. Klinkt als een heel goede dag!