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For all the bloggers and writers out there: ever had moments where you knew what to write about, but didn't know how to start? That'...

For all the bloggers and writers out there: ever had moments where you knew what to write about, but didn't know how to start? That's my problem right now, though this is actually a way to start my blog post, haha. So, anyway, I thought it'd be nice to dedicate an article to my very own happiness, because damn, happiness is all around me lately and I feel so full of life and in peace with myself. It's great. In order to share my happiness with you, here's a list of the things that currently make me super happy!

This shirt from Zara also makes me really happy.

I don't know what, when or why the twilight love had arrived. Twisting and turning, your feelings are burning; you're breaking the girl. A.k.a. this song. I'm so digging this song the past few days... replaying it over and over again. Since there's a slight chance I might see 'the Peppers' in June next summer (because Pinkpop), I am listening to them a lot. It's like I've discovered them all over again, though I've known this band since I was a little girl. I really hope I can go to Pinkpop in 2016! *fingers crossed* 

♡ Discovering new music. Although I'll always stay a rock chick (yes, I know I have stated that a few too many times maybe), discovering new styles of music and listening to other music genres than rock music isn't that bad. And okay, I'll admit; due listening to other types of music, I have discovered that my guilty pleasure is... The Weeknd and Dutch rap (I feel slightly embarassed after sharing this link). Such a contrast. 

I feel so narcistic. #sorrynotsorry (okay, I sort of am, mostly for the bad quality though) 

♡ Watching band documentaries. Today I finished watching this very interesting documentary about The Red Hot Chili Peppers (surprising huh?) and a while ago I watched a documentary about Kurt Cobain, which was very interesting as well. It gives you a whole new perspective on a band or artist. 

♡ The fact Sinterklaas is coming up. And in case you're not from the Netherlands: it's some Dutch celebration and it's really weird and hard to explain what's it about, so you'll just have to Google it or something, if you're interested. Anyway, this year me and my family will make 'surprises' for each other again and I'm so super excited. The best part about it is that I get to write an awesome, long and personal poem for the person I have to make a 'surprise' for, which I already finished today. I'm genuinly proud of it, haha. Gosh, it's hard to write about this Dutch celebration in English. I hope it makes at least a little sense. 

♡ School. Yes, really. Something with many projects and getting to challenge myself big time. My school has this Serious Request project (yes, based of the real Serious Request event) and my team (consisting out of five people, including me) has to create five hours of radio content. Super, super stressful, but also exciting!

♡ The fact I've finally realized that, in all of these years of being so super insecure, my voice was never the actual problem; it was me. *dramatic music starts to play* No, but really, it was always me holding me back and no one or nothing else. And secretly I always knew the sound of my voice wasn't the problem, but me. I just always blamed my voice for how bad I felt about myself and for how much I hated life. I can honestly say I've even started to like the sound of my voice. Sure, I don't really ''enjoy'' it when costumers make a comment about my voice while I'm at work (''Did you have a rough party last night?'', ''Are you having a cold, girl?''), but it doesn't bother me so much anymore. My voice is a part of who I am and I should just embrace it. And that, people, took me six damn years to realize. Unfortunately.

♡ This GREAT autumn weather. Really, I think I am starting to love the fall time. I always associated the fall with coldness and lots of rain, but the weather has been so nice lately and I love the colors outside. Also I love all the fall clothing in the stores and the fact it's possible to layer your clothing again. And red lipstick, brown-ish colors, scarfs, etc. And Pumpkin spice latte. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm dying to. 

And for now I'll leave it to this, although there are so many more things that make me so happy: the Italian language and learning it, talking with interesting people, making summer plans (although summer is so far away), my friends, learning about and making music, music in general, etcetera. The list would be endless. Well, almost. Anyway, thank you for reading! 

Q: what makes you very happy at the moment? 

PS: I'm less happy about the fact I have to work tomorrow and it's wayyy too late already. Oops. 

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3 reacties

  1. Super goed om te lezen dat je beter in je vel zit! Ik heb al wat gezegd over Pinkpop maar again, dat zou veel te vet zijn hoor haha. Denk dat ik mijn geld dit jaar al aan genoeg andere dingen uitgeef maar ik moet er wel gewoon minimaal één keertje heen. De Pumpkin Spice Latte was trouwens alleen tot 31 oktober volgens mij, too bad!

    1. Ahhh, ik dacht dat ie heel de herfst en winter te verkrijgen was. D: Bummer!

  2. Ciao
    Alweer een leuk blog van la bella ROMANA.
    Wij lezen altijd jouw verhalen met heel veel belangstelling. Zo leren wij jou beter kennen & wat een meisje/jonge vrouw van 18 zoals bezighoudt.
    Blij ook te lezen dat je nu beter in je vel zit. V.w.b. jouw stem.....weet je dat veel Italiaanse zanger een hese stem hebben. ( Bv. Paolo Conte, Adriano Celentano en....velen anderen)
    Dus...trots zijn op je stem & op jezelf★☆★
    Dat het leren van de Italiaanse taal een van je hobby is, vinden wij super.
    Zoals wij ook super vinden dat het op school goed gaat★☆★
    Wel bellissima Romana, alles bijelkaar opgeteld. .....wij zijn super trots op jou.