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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lately I have been thinking a lot about who I want to be and what I want with this life I am living. Fact is that I am a thinker and a dreamer and so that's what I do. Yesterday evening, just before I went to sleep, I made a list on which I wrote long- and short-term 'goals' that'll help me with becoming a better version of myself and with defining myself as a person. These things are very random and completely out of order as well. Let's go!

The Garda lake, 1,5 years ago. :)

I want to...

...be less self-conscious  ...be more self-conscious  ...save up as much money as I can  ...be delicate and elegant  ...think less in English  ...dream more  ...be less of a daydreamer  ...play sweet songs and sing along with them  ...eat healthier  ...listen more to old/relaxing music  ...be more proud of myself  ...find myself pretty  ...make phonecalls more often (because I don't like calling and I want need to get over that little fear)  ...travel  ...play my music less loud when I have my earplugs in (because I'm beginning to get scared of becoming deaf, lol)  ...go to Italy  ...live in the moment  ...smoke weed (just to try, hm)  ...read more  ...help my parents more often with the household  ...drink coffee and tea in cool cafes while talking with inspiring and interesting people  ...focus more on my surroundings  ...stop feeling like I'm wasting (my) time and never feel like that again  ...have deep conversations about religions, death, music, poetry, languages, the world, this society, etc.  ...find out what I want with this life I am living  ...make up to the people I have hurt  ...smile to the people who pass me by, always  ...learn.

And what my point is with writing this article? I don't have one. I guess it's just a little reminder for myself.

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