Favorite songs of the moment - September

It's been a while since I wrote an article about my favorite music of the moment. I believe the last one is from August last year. Wow! ...

It's been a while since I wrote an article about my favorite music of the moment. I believe the last one is from August last year. Wow! In this article I'll share some of the songs with you I've been frequently listening to in the month September.

I've been noticing my taste in music has slightly changed in the time that has passed. Rock is still my favorite music genre, but i've also become more interested in other styles of music.

Take shelter - Years & Years

I looove this song! I can sort of relate to the first verse (something you could've guessed, itsn't it? Haha) and I just really like the beat of this song, it makes me happy. I find Years & Years' music overall very good. Other songs from them I have been listening to are Shine (love!) and Desire.

Now, let's get to my fave music genre: rock! I've been a Breaking Benjamin fan(girl) for a few years now and I still never get bored of their music. Lately I've been listening to their albums Phobia and We are not alone a lot and there are some songs on their I like a lot. I'd like to share one particular song with you called 'Topless'. Kind of a strange title, I know. Although, this is a very sexual tensed song, so in some way I get it. Also when you listen to the lyrics, you can assume this song is about some certain temptation ''and its self-destructing effect'' (I quoted this from Songmeanings.com). And as you might know, I'm a sucker for 'dirty rock songs', so that must be why I like this song so much.

Topless - Breaking Benjamin

Overdrive - Oliver Heldens

The above song is my go to song for whenever I'm about to make dinner of for when I have to do the dishes. It makes cooking or doing the dishes way more fun, haha. 

Broken (cover) - Seether

Sometimes I like covers more than original songs, because some people are so good at giving their own twist to a song that really works and I think that's what shows people's true talent (instead of trying to imitate the artist as good as possible). Also with this cover I love how these guys kept the song so pure and 'soft'. And besides that I just really really really like this song. Kind of a special song to me. 

And then last but not least, this song I've been listening to on repeat for at least three nights straight: Hurricane, by Thirty Seconds To Mars, but then the unplugged version. Ahh, it's so good. 

Hurricane (unplugged - Thirty Seconds To Mars

''Do you really want me?'' Yes, because Jared Leto is such a babe. Seriously, he still is (although he could be my dad, considering his age. Oh well :P). 

And this was it. See how much my taste in music is changing and how much it varies? I'm slowly becoming so mainstream, hahaha. Anyway, please tell me what you think of all the songs. 

Q: what's your favorite song of the moment? 

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3 reacties

  1. Ik heb in september veel naar de unplugged version van Take Shelter geluisterd dus ik ergerde me echt even aan die beat, hahaha. Een heel goede vriend van me is ook total metal/rock obsessed en door jou herken ik in elk geval de namen van bands, dat vind ik stiekem wel leuk, haha. Bij mij is het meer zo dat ik er wel naar 'kan' luisteren en het niet per se lelijk of 'geen muziek' vind, ik snap wel wat mensen ermee hebben, alleen ik heb het er zelf niet echt mee. Heel af en toe geef ik het nog wel eens een kans maar dat is dan vooral omdat ik weet dat hij het geweldig vindt, dan luister je er toch met andere oren naar (en is het opeens ook een stuk leuker/mooier haha).