What I DON'T understand about boys

First, let me make this clear: this blogpost is not an insult towards boys or whatever and my opinion is absolutely not the truth. Boys, don...

First, let me make this clear: this blogpost is not an insult towards boys or whatever and my opinion is absolutely not the truth. Boys, don't take anything in this article personal and especially don't take it too seriously. :) 

Those who follow me on Twitter, may have noticed that 99,9% of my Tweets contain stuff about guys/boys/men/whatever you want to call the other species and so it may seem pwettyyy clear that I'm into them. I may seem like I like everything about them boys. Well, that's not exactly true (of course not, it wouldn't be healthy and just... too obsessive and weird?). There are a few things that boys do/wear/say/etcetera and which makes me shake my head (and think: WHY!?!!?). I could generalise my opinion and change the title of this blogpost into 'What girls don't understand about boys', but I know that my opinion is not every girls' opinion. So, in this article I am just going to share my uninteresting opinion with you about what I don't really understand about boys. I was gonna say ''Boys, take notes!'', but that would be a little useless, unless you're hella interested in me, of course (ha-ha).

The number one thing I don't understand about boys is why so many of you put so. much. hair gel/wax. in. your. hair. WHY? Like, as me being a girl, the best things is to just be able to rush your fingers through his hair if necessary, you know what I mean? The worst is when you end up having to wash your hands afterwards because too much gel is sticking on your hands. Soft (casual wild!!!) is the best (instead of the slicked back and hardened-like-plastic hairstyle). At least that's my opinion. By the way, if you're hair is slicked back with gel and all that, don't take this as an insult. You're probably fine as gel hell anyway. :)

Number two is about shoes. I once read that the type of shoes a boy wears, tells a lot about his personality. And you have to know I am not a fan of the Nike Roshe Runs anyway (I find them terribly ugly, sorry) and so I rather see another pair of shoes on a boy's feet than those. I can't help but connect the Nike Roshe Runs to a certain personality I kind of dislike and that doesn't only count for boys. I just totally dislike those shoes and I don't understand why people wear them in general (this must sound so hateful. #sorrynotsorry).

Next up is something I don't understand when I am at the gym. Sometimes, when I'm at the gym (which, to be honest, rarely happens), looking all sweaty, ugly and dying, I see boys with long sweatpants, thick vests and a cap. A CAP. Basically they look like it's -10 degrees outside. Well, it's not. And I am always dying of the heat while I'm at the gym and besides that, it just looks ridiculously stupid to be working out with a cap on. 

So, these are some of the things I don't really understand about the other species. Is any girl with me? God, if I could just fully understand you guys in general, would be so much easier... 

Q: what is something you don't understand about boys? Or if you are a boy yourself, what is something you don't understand about us girls? Leave a comment below! 

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